Living in NYC

nyNew York City has an amazingly large population, there is no doubt about it. With this many people from all over the world an endless amount of lifestyle variety is sure to follow. There are many things that people can enjoy and experience in this place that are all guaranteed to be one of a kind. From the unique neighborhoods, many of which feel like their own city within a city to the different cultures, sounds, smells, and sites- everyone can find some piece of NYC that feels like home. Continue reading

How Did The New York Fashion Week Come To Be?

Anyone remotely interested in fashion will have heard of the New York Fashion Week held twice each year. Those who are in the industry and have ever participated in this premier event will recall with pride what a great event it was for their fashion house. But how many know about the origin of this event? Below is a summary of the history of this coveted event.

Press Week Is Born.
Prior to 1943, the world of fashion had its headquarters in Paris, France and the world assembled there to showcase what was on offer. In 1943, Eleanor Lambert founded Press Week so that America could show fashion editors what was available on home soil. The dependence on France could also be broken by having a fashion platform in the US.

This event took place twice a year and was held in different locations each year, and for each event. Hotels and lofts were the preferred venues used and that was the case until an accident at one of the shows led the Council of Fashion Designers of America to decide that all future events will be held at one location.

The New York Fashion Week Is Born.
Five decades after the inception of Press Week, 1994 saw the birth of The New York Fashion Week as we know it today. From that time, all shows were hosted at Bryant Park just behind the NY Public Library.
The New York Fashion Week is by invitation only so it is an honor for a fashion house or designer to be given a chance to showcase his or her creations.

Holding this event twice a year gives designers an opportunity to display their summer as well as winter collections at the right time when that season is just setting in.

During those fashion weeks, the media, enthusiasts and fashion professionals from around the globe descend on New York to see the latest that America has come up with for the coming season.
Many careers have been made just by taking part in this semi-annual event so the importance of these weeks is not lost on models and designers.

Final Comments.
There is a lot more to the history of this event and what has been discussed above is just a little scratch of the surface just to give a broad overview of how the New York Fashion Week came to exist. If you’re interested, you can dig into the venues that have hosted this event since it started, which prominent designers have dominated this event over the years, and so on.

New York Fashion Week has undergone many changes, and it’s fun to see how fashion has changed over the last few years. One of the most interesting recent developments? Last year was the first plastic surgery show during Fashion Week called “Faces of Beauty.” According to one Newport Beach plastic surgeon I spoke with, who was counseling me on facelift plastic surgery recovery at the time, the show was put on by a celebrity plastic surgeon with before and after photos of patients walking down the catwalk.

If you’re interested in fashion, I definitely recommend being in New York for Fashion Week, and following the news coverage.

Why Plastic Surgery Is A Godsend For Many New Yorkers

There is something particular about New York life that is not very easy to find in other places. This unique combination of factors makes this place so competitive and stressful that the services of plastic surgeons are a big necessity for the people who call New York their home. The following are some of those circumstances.

Very Demanding Work.
Have you ever seen traders on the trading floor on Wall Street? The sheer noise and frantic pace at which things happen there can literally drive someone insane! Any person working in any of the big firms will tell you that the pressure is unrelenting so only the toughest last there for more than a year.

With work schedules that can drive one nuts it is no wonder that signs of aging begin showing up sooner than one would expect, hence the need to see a plastic surgeon to tone down the impact of these pressures.

Crowds Everywhere.
Take a walk on the streets and you will be involved in a silent fight to have space and get to your destination. The jostling and shoving goes on and gets to very high levels during rush hour. It is a major job to get by on foot!

New Yorkers have become used to this but while they consciously keep it off their mental radars, it takes a toll on them physically and mentally. The signs begin showing when wrinkles and other indications of early aging make their presence felt, hence creating the need to see a plastic surgeon.

Tough Commutes.
Just imagine how a worker on Wall Street wishes to get home, kick off his or her shoes, take a nice warm bath and just rest. You would think that the trip home would be an easy one but no, it is as tough as they come.

Hailing a cab during rush hour is a futile exercise as they are all taken just when you badly need one. When you eventually hop into one, the rush hour traffic ensures that you spend more than twice the time it would take to get home thereby compounding your misery.

Do not think that taking a bus or train will make life any easier. They are all tough and one must hustle just to get a seat at certain times of the day. Any wonder then that signs of aging are quick in making an appearance?

Final Thoughts.
When you combine factors like those explained above, it is very clear why many New Yorkers turn to practices like Holcomb plastic surgery to get work done. Of course, smart New Yorkers also know that just any surgeon shouldn’t be trusted to work on their face, and that research is important. Many New Yorkers feel that looking youthful is important to their job in this competitive city and will therefore thoroughly research eyelid surgery recovery time and risks, for example, to keep co-workers from finding out and protecting their health.

It should therefore not be seen as just vanity getting the better of these New Yorkers. There is a real need for plastic surgery services to help keep the physical appearance of these people who lead lives that would break the fainthearted and yet these tough individuals make it year after year.

7 Cool Facts About New York City

Whether you live in the city or you’re just visiting, here are some really cool facts I discovered about the Big Apple. Some of them may surprise you!

1. Prior to World War II, May 1st was moving day for the entire city. Can you imagine a million New Yorkers all bustling to move their belongings to their new apartment on the same day as you? Before the war, landlords would tell tenants how much the rent would increase on February 1st. If they couldn’t afford it, they would move on May 1st to avoid paying another month’s rent. Moving vans pulled by horses and warehouse owners would jack up prices, as you can imagine!

2. New York City helps its homeless population by footing the bill for one-way tickets home, as long as they have a guaranteed place to stay. This policy was started by the Bloomberg administration to combat homelessness, and in two years, it had already paid for more than 550 families to leave the city. The program costs about $36,000 a year.

3. On November 28, 2012, not a single violent crime was reported in New York City for the entire day. This includes murders, shootings and stabbings. This is the first time this has ever happened in living memory.

4. New York City has started many fitness trends that have swept the United States, as well as several cosmetic trends. This is probably because NYC is so age-conscious. Trends from NYC include the vampire facelift (popularized by Kim Kardashian), the Middleton-inspired rhinoplasty, male facelifts like you see on this plastic surgery blog, and many types of laser and chemical peels. It’s funny how fast trends spread, too! The Kate Middleton-inspired nose job really caught on in New York, and just a month after I read about it in a newspaper, I heard from my friend in South Carolina, who told me she was considering getting a Middleton from Weniger Plastic Surgery.

5. UPS, FedEx and other delivery companies receive about 7,000 parking tickets every single day in New York City. This brings in more than $120 in revenue for the city.

6. A one-year hot dog stand in Central Park costs anywhere from $118,000 in Sheep Meadow to $289,500 in front of Central Park Zoo. That’s a lot to pay for selling a $2 hot dog! Still, there are lots of food vendors who compete to operate food carts in the parks of NYC. No one knows exactly how much the vendors make, though, because they pretty much refuse to discuss their profits.

7. Did you know there are “fake” buildings in NYC? These buildings may look like regular brownstones sandwiched between real buildings, but they’re actually just used for subway ventilation and maintenance. If you do your fair share of walking around the city, you might have passed train tunnels, communication towers and empty buildings without even realizing it. Many locals often use these facades to play pranks, such as sending a pizza delivery person to a fake building or redirecting people selling tickets.

Price Shopping Hospitals in NYC: An Experiment in Insanity

I was recently told by my doctor that I would need a simple biopsy. Of course, with pretty limited health insurance coverage, I decided to shop around and call up local New York hospitals to get the lowest price for this simple procedure.

The result? I spent hours on the phone and only got a real price quote from just a few of the hospitals on the list. I was sent back and forth to different departments, each completely unsure of how to proceed.

If you expect to get price quotes for hospital procedures in the Big Apple, here’s some advice. (By the way, if you plan to contact Bellevue Hospital Center in Manhattan, make sure you ask for a financial advisor in the business office to avoid getting stuck in the phone tree like I did!)

Bid Online
You can use online tools like to enter a procedure online and have hospitals and doctors in the city put out a potential bid on your request. Unlike your insurance company, which may just show whether or not the surgeon, doctor or hospital is in your network, MediBid lets you see the doctor’s training, experience and education.

Get the Billing Code
Get the billing code before you start, because this code lets you contact doctors and hospitals to price the procedure. You can check the Healthcare Blue Book to give you a good idea of what something should cost. You should also offer to pay in cash for the procedure, as hospitals often offer discounts.

Just keep in mind the prices you see on this site are just a ballpark figure, but it will help you budget. A friend of mine turned me on to the website a few months ago after she used it to check the average price for Albany breast enlargement surgery. For Albany, the total “fair” price for the procedure is $5,520. The surgeon she ended up choosing, Dr. Edwin F. Williams III MD, charged more, but she felt his experience and education made up for that. This site is just another good way to compare costs and know what to expect.

How Can This Be Fixed?
It really shouldn’t be a big secret what a hospital charges you for a procedure. There are several ways New York lawmakers can tackle the problem. One promising idea is following the lead of Idaho Representative Brandon Hixon, who introduced a bill last month that would require hospitals to give price estimates for their 50 most common procedures online. Some hospitals have also voluntarily done so to increase transparency.

Final Thoughts
In many states, public websites offer quotes based on your insurance and the procedure you need or want. Catalyst for Payment Reform gives ratings to each state based on their transparency laws. As it stands right now, New York gets an F. Something definitely needs to change. Prices can vary widely. In most upstate hospitals, you’ll pay between $2,000 and $3,000 to fix a fractured femur. The same procedure in NYC? Up to $20,000.

If you’re having difficulty getting price quotes from hospitals here in NYC — or you get quotes from hospitals out of the area that are much lower than the average for the city — it might just be worth it to hop on a plane.

Trendy Facelifts are Sweeping New York Society Women

New Yorkers are known for taking pride in their appearance, putting in a lot of time and the gym and always looking fashionable. It turns out one secret many women in New York are using is trending facelift procedures that have been developed in the last few years.

Three years ago, Jill Zarin, a star on Real Housewives of New York City, debuted a new look and spurred rumors that she had a facelift. According to Jill, she didn’t have a traditional facelift and there was no surgery required. Instead, she had something called a liquid facelift, which uses injections of facial fillers instead to smooth wrinkles and smooth the face. She even told people that she gets a liquid facelift every six months now because it works and takes about 10 years off her face.

Jill goes to a New York dermatologist to get the Restylane injections along her jaw line and the sides of her face. The procedure costs about $1,000 to $3,000 per visit, which is cheaper than a facelift and less invasive. She also gets Botox injections.

Age paranoia is rampant among society women in New York, and many are following Jill’s lead and getting liquid facelifts. That’s not the only facelift procedure New Yorkers are turning to in droves to look younger; many are also going for something called a vampire facelift.

Like the liquid facelift, it doesn’t require surgery, but it also doesn’t require injecting acids or fat into the body, either. The main ingredient in a vampire facelift? The patient’s blood. Vampire facelifts use something called Selphyl, which is a procedure that injects a mixture of blood into wrinkled areas. This nonsurgical procedure is popular among the more health-crazed New Yorkers who are drawn to the fact that this procedure doesn’t use anything artificial like cosmetic fillers. It also lasts longer than the liquid facelift: 15 months versus 6 months.

The third facelift craze taking New York by storm is the 60 minute facelift, which was featured in New York magazine. The procedure was developed by a Manhattan facelift surgeon who says it gives results similar to a facelift surgery. The procedure involves removing fat with light liposuction, following by Botox for a browlift. Other injectables are used for a smoother appearance, and skin tightening procedures can be added to stimulate collagen production and improve skin tone.

While I’m not sure the science is out on whether these nonsurgical procedures are worth it, they’re probably worth a try, considering they’re much more affordable than a facelift and there’s no real recovery time. Several years ago, a friend of mine went to Clevens Face and Body Specialists to get a facelift like this: Her results were impressive, but I also know she had a lot of pain after the procedure and it took her weeks to recover. Maybe she’ll end up coming back to NYC in a few years to get these vampire and liquid procedures instead when her results start to wane. They certainly seem to be working for the New York elite, who always look ageless!

New York City: One of the Best Cities to Stay Young

I just read a study that ranked the youngest and oldest cities in the United States using RealAge Test results. Where does New York City fall on the scale? We’re actually number 14. While way behind San Francisco, Salt Lake City and San Diego, we still beat out Seattle and Miami.

So what is it that makes New Yorkers so young at heart (literally and figuratively)? The study cited the third best income, moderate alcohol consumption among women and fourth best in terms of exercise. We did lose points, though. The study found that New Yorkers are more likely to be unmarried, diabetic, pessimistic and angry (ouch).

I thought it’d be interesting to discuss some of the ways New Yorkers keep themselves young.

1. Crazy Diets
While the United States has a terrible obesity epidemic, New Yorkers tend to take things to the other end of the scale. We often put ourselves on low rations and crazy, trendy diets. Examples include the Fast Diet, juice fasts, We-ganism (weekday veganism), and the paleo diet. It’s definitely great to be health conscious, and New Yorkers have a slightly lower rate of obesity (20-22%) compared to the national average of 26%. Still, we tend to go overboard with these diets that may harm long-term health.

2. Hitting the Gym
One thing goes without saying: New Yorkers take gym time seriously. We spend more money than virtually every other city on gym memberships: an average of $135 per month. We also have hundreds of gyms and we’ve launched some of the biggest fitness crazes that have swept the country, including CrossFit and Anti-Gravity Yoga.

3. Walking Everywhere
The average person walks 2.2 miles every day. An average New Yorker, though, walks about 6 miles a day. Most of us get by just fine without a car, which means we hoof it pretty much everywhere. In New York, if someone says something is within walking distance, you can expect it to be up to 30 blocks away. Walking doesn’t just keep weight off; it also lowers stress, improves self-esteem and reduces the risk of heart disease.

4. Best Hospitals and Doctors
New York City is home to two of the best hospitals in the United States, and it was ranked as one of the best cities for hospital care. There is no other metropolitan area in the country that beats New York City. We also have about 1,200 physicians who are ranked each year, many of whom are the best in the entire world in their field.

5. Bloomberg’s Smoking Ban
More than ten years ago, Mayor Bloomberg enacted a city-wide ban on smoking in restaurants and bars. This law has caused the number of smokers in the city to reach an all-time low of 11%, well below the 19% rate for the United States as a whole.

When all else fails: plastic surgery
New York living puts a lot of pressure on us to look great. Sometimes this can be too much to live up to, and a lot of people decide to undergo cosmetic surgery for this reason alone. I’ve known several people who were so afraid of being stigmatized, though, that they even left the city to get the work done — just so people would think it was the gym and going to yoga that made the difference! One friend even went to Michigan to get a Masri Clinic for Laser and Cosmetic Sugery facelift procedure after she saw this WordPress plastic surgery site.

While there’s a lot of pressure to look good in New York, the above points show that most of us get their naturally.

Affordable Dental Care: Is It Impossible in New York?

While living in New York City comes with many advantages, the city is definitely expensive, and it can be a challenge to find an apartment you can afford — let alone worry about dental care. This is something I dealt with first-hand recently when I needed to get a crown on my front tooth. I was shocked to hear it would cost me several thousand dollars, which I didn’t have lying around!

I decided to do some research and see if affordable dental care in New York City is even real, or just some myth I heard about. Here’s what I found out. If you’re a New Yorker or just happen to have a dental emergency while you’re in town, maybe it’ll help.

Get Dental Insurance
Dental insurance and health insurance are very different. If you have health insurance, you may or may not have dental coverage. If you live in New York, you can shop for a dental plan through the New York State of Health Exchange Marketplace. The largest dental insurance provider in New York is Healthplex. This may be an option for you.

Discount Dental Plans
If you don’t have the money to sign up for dental insurance, a more affordable alternative is something called a dental discount plan. There are many plans in New York that can help you save about 10-60% on common dental procedures like checkups and xrays. Not all discount plans are equal, and some won’t cover all types of procedures. Some may only cover diagnostic procedures (like checkups), preventative procedures like sealants, or restorative procedures like crowns and fillings.

Discount plans usually don’t have a limit, so you can use it after your regular insurance plan reaches its limit (which you may hit before you even get one procedure finished). I plan to get a discount plan later this month.

Dental Schools
I ended up going to a dental school to get more affordable care since I was short on time. If you don’t have insurance, you can go to one of several dental schools in New York like the NYU College of Dentistry. If you really can’t afford a dentist, major dental schools run clinics with procedures performed by dental students. In some cases, you can get procedures performed for very little or even nothing.

Visit a Friend Out of Town
Dental costs aren’t as high in many other areas of the country. If you have a friend in Florida, you may want to check out Miami dental specialists and plan a visit. A friend of mine did this to get dental implants and ended up going to this dentist and saving about 25% over what he would have paid here.

You’ll save even more if you go out of the country. If you’ve been meaning to visit a friend in Mexico, you can see a dentist who trained in the United States and pay maybe 10% of the cost. Of course, this definitely won’t be worth it if you’re flying far away solely for dental work, but it can be a nice bonus if you’re already planning a trip.

Best Places for Medical Treatment in NYC

New York City is a mecca for fashion, culture and, it turns out, some of the best health care in the United States. The Big Apple is home to some of the top-rated surgeons and doctors in the country, which is just one of hundreds of things we have to be proud of! Here are some of the best places to get care, whether you live in the city or you happen to be visiting, plus information about a few popular areas of medicine in NYC.

New York-Presbyterian University Hospital of Columbia and Cornell
This is the best ranking hospital in the state and it’s nationally ranked in 15 different specialties, including cancer, heart surgery, gynecology, orthopedics, neurology, urology, and ear, nose & throat. It also specializes in several pediatric areas like neonatology and cancer. Thousands of people from across the country travel to New York City each year to be seen here. What’s more, thousands of patients from around the world travel to this hospital to be treated for very rare or difficult to treat conditions that cannot be handled anywhere else. This hospital is really the pride of New York.

Mount Sinai Medical Center
Mount Sinai is world-renowned. It’s one of the oldest and most respected hospitals in the United States and has been a major source of medical advances since 1852, Thousands come to Mount Sinai for geriatrics, gastrointestinal care, and rehabilitation.

NYU Langone Medical Center
NYU Langone Medical Center is ranked nationally in 12 specialties like diabetes, urology, rheumatology, and cancer, as well as 2 high-performing specialties (gynecology and pulmonology). NYU Langone Medical Center is a teaching hospital, and many of the country’s best surgeons and doctors studied here.

Plastic Surgery
There are more than 650 plastic surgeons in New York, many of which have specialities like facial reconstruction, while some are general plastic surgeons like Dr. Roland of Plastic surgeons don’t just do cosmetic work to make people look younger; they also repair or replace skin tissue, bone and other tissues, reconstruct the hands or face, and help people recover from burns, cancer and more.

There are many procedures popular in New York. In Chelsea, rhinoplasty (nose jobs) are very popular. In Manhattan, breast reduction (mammoplasty) and facelifts are common. New York, Miami and Los Angeles are all home to the top-rated plastic surgeons in the country.

Alternative Medicine
New York City is a true melting pot, and one of the most linguistically diverse cities in the world with over 800 languages spoken. This means alternative medicine is big business, with millions of people who have brought the treatments of their home country to the region. New Yorkers are very accepting of complementary and alternative medicine, and many use it in conjunction with modern medicine.

You’ll find hundreds of alternative treatments in New York, including: acupuncture (originating from China), vitamin infusion clinics, homeopathy (developed in Germany) and Auyrveda (from India).

While the world knows us for our fashion, Statue of Liberty and high rent, millions have come to this great city to be treated for relatively unknown or incredibly difficult to treat conditions. Some of the world’s best neurosurgeons, plastic surgeons, and doctors live and work in this city. It’s no wonder New Yorkers have a life expectancy of 81 years — more than 2 years higher than the national average.

The Top 5 Places To Have Your Wedding In New York

Special moments deserve to be held in special places. That is why in this discussion I am going to give you my two cents’ worth of advice as to which places would be ideal for a New York wedding. If you are moved to have yours in any one of these five places, feel free to thank me later!

1. Seneca Falls.
This place is brimming full of history. The women’s movement was born here in the mid 19th century but of more importance to your big day are the hundreds of wineries in this area. You can hold your reception here and sample all the local varieties of wine as a special treat for you and the guests.

2. New Paltz.
For those that are into nature, this is the perfect place for you. The Mohonk Preserve or state preserve can be a very good starting point for you to spend several hours picking the best spot at which you will exchange your marriage vows.

3. Niagara Falls.
Now this location could not miss on this list, could it! Complete with a wedding chapel, this magical location is one of the very best places that anyone would wish to have their wedding. For those that are into adventure, you can even make off across the border into Canada for your honeymoon if you choose to just have the wedding at the Falls.

4. Hudson.
If you are into antiques, this is an excellent location for you to say your marriage vows among the finest antiques that you can ever come across.

Many people have come to this place just to have their ceremony conducted and they end up so enthralled by the place that they just come back to live here permanently. Have your wedding in this place and share what effect it has on you.

5. Nyack.
Fondly known as the gem on the Hudson, this breathtaking village is a wonderful place to hold your wedding. Among the attractions here that you can enjoy is the farmers market, Tappan Zee waterfront views, artwork of Edward Hopper and so many other distractions to keep the guests busy for the entire duration of their stay.

Final Tips.
It is wise to first scout out the various venues so that you can zero in on the one that most catches your fancy. If a location does not seem to be it, then move on to the next and keep looking until you find the one you have been looking for. You’ll know it when you see it, and New York has plenty of special places to celebrate such an occasion.

I recommend planning a trip out to the Big Apple before you decide the venue, because this is something you will want to do in person. I helped a great friend from Texas recently have her wedding in Nyack and it was a lot of fun, because we did a lot of touring to find the perfect spot.

Be aware that you may fall in love with the city so much you’ll never want to leave! Before making her trip, my researched where to get Botox in Austin and found this plastic surgery blog. She planned to have it done in Austin and fly out just for the ceremony, but she fell in love with New York so much that she came out here with her fiance and they stayed with us for the 5 weeks prior to their marriage! She ended up finding a New York doctor to give the injections and they’re now planning to move out here permanently next year!

Finally, talk to the managers of the different venues so that they can give you a brief on what weddings held there are like. If what they tell you sounds like what you want to have, then you will have found your location.

You Moved to New York. Now What?

Every year, thousands of people in their 20′s move to NYC, and many have no idea how the whole thing is even going to work out. While living in New York can be challenging, it doesn’t have to be impossible or even prohibitively expensive.

Here are some tips that can help you when you first set foot in the Big Apple.

How Much Money You Need to Move
To begin with, don’t make the mistake of moving to NYC with no money. You will need some savings, even if it’s just a few thousand, to hold you over until you find a job. You can put off most major expenses for a little while by staying at a friend’s house and using a cheap hostel, but you’ll want at least $2,500 before you move.

Don’t Start Out in Brooklyn
You probably want to move to NYC to get some of the action and excitement, not to spend at least an hour on the subway every day. Your friends in Manhattan won’t want to go all the way to Brooklyn to hang out with you. While Manhattan will cost more in rent, it’ll only cost you more in terms of square footage. You’ll save on commuting costs and time, and you’ll have everything New York has to offer at your fingertips.

How to Deal with Homesickness
There’s something about living in a huge unfamiliar city that brings out the homesickness rather quickly. It’s not uncommon to feel lonely and like you’ve failed when you first move here. Stick your neck out and talk to people, ask a lot of questions of the people you meet and join clubs, volunteer and get out of the house instead of relying on your job to make friends. Never turn down invitations when you’re new to an area, even if you feel intimidated or it’s to an event that isn’t really your thing.

Advice from a Long-Time Resident
Let me also give you some advice as someone who has called New York home their whole life.

1. Never respond to rude people or cat-callers. Not only do they not care what you have to say, it’s also not safe. You never know who’s dangerous, on drugs or carrying a weapon!

2. Don’t assume bike messengers or taxi cabs (or anyone else for that matter) will yield, see you or even stop when the light turns red. Always be safe!

3. While New York City is expensive, what you buy and what you save is up to you. Don’t go into debt buying expensive things you tell yourself you need or deserve, and always shop around for a bargain! Trust me, they’re here.

4. Buy anything you can’t get cheaply in NYC when you go home for a visit. This includes everything from your favorite soaps to expensive medical procedures. My roommate recently went home to Florida to see his parents and he ended up going to Cosmetic Surgery Circle to get a facelift from Dr. Bustillo, which you can learn about if you visit here. He felt like he couldn’t compete in the corporate world looking like he was in his 40′s but he couldn’t afford work by a NY doctor.

5. Escape the subway when it’s hot by using the bus to go crosstown. Remember that Metrocard transfers are free between the subway and bus within 2 hours of getting swiped!

6. Find someone you trust and give them a copy of your apartment keys so you won’t be locked out in the middle of the night.

Coming to NYC for Surgery? Here’s Some Advice

Thousands of people flock to New York City every year for medical care and surgery. This includes cosmetic procedures like a facelift along with procedures like orthopedic surgery at Hospital for Special Surgery, our top ranked hospital for Orthopedics. Regardless of why you’re coming to our great city for care, this advice should help make the experience as pleasant and stress-free as possible.

Plan to Stay in NYC For 2 Weeks
With most surgeries, you’ll need to stay in New York for at least two weeks. Your surgeon will want to monitor your recovery and address any complications that come up. If possible, you might want to looked into extended stay apartments or hotels in New York to make your stay more relaxing. Look for a furnished apartment near the medical center, and consider staying long enough to enjoy some of the best attractions in town.

Extended stay facilities also come with kitchens, so you don’t have to worry about trying to order food or head to a restaurant; just buy some groceries before you go for surgery and you can prepare light meals at your home away from home.

Getting Around the City
New York City is huge, and it can be really intimidating to visitors. If you’re comfortable using public transportation, you can use the subway or bus systems. You may prefer taking a cab or car service as you recover, though, so plan in advance. If you’re going to use car service, do your research, because they’re not all equal. Car service will save you the time and hassle of trying to flag down a taxi, but you want to check that the service is reliable, well-reviewed and you will be picked up in a clean car with air conditioning.

Things to Do In New York City
Since you’ll be in the city for a couple of weeks while you recover, you should also plan some recreation once you’re feeling up to it. The most popular tourist destinations in NYC include the American Museum of Natural History, Central Park, the Empire State Building and the Staten Island Ferry, which gives you a great view of the harbor and the Statue of Liberty. Plan how you will get to each destination from your accommodations, and be careful not to over-exert yourself following surgery. Follow any doctor recommendations about lifting and walking, because the last thing you want to do is pull a stitch or cause any complications and extend your stay past your comfort zone.

Have Post-Op Care Ready at Home
Make sure you have your post-op care planned for when you return home. It’s a good idea to find a doctor at home who is willing to care for you following surgery by another surgeon, as not all doctors are comfortable doing this. A good place to start is reading reviews of local doctors online. A friend from Florida recently came to New York to get knee surgery, and she found Dr. Clevens’ reviews on He was willing to monitor her care after returning to Melbourne.

With a little planning, it’s possible to enjoy a great stay in New York City, even if you’re just here to get surgery. Be sure to do your research before coming, if you can, to get the best rates on accommodations and transportation and make sure you can do everything you want.

New York City vs Sydney, Australia

In a lot of ways, Sydney and New York are very similar. They’re both considered two of the best cities in the worth, both are “new world” cities and both are settled on a port. I thought it would be interesting to compare the differences between these two global cities.

The New York Attitude
Most New Yorkers never run into celebrities, and we often deal with situations that other people would consider insane, like being so broke paying for rent that we’re forced to buy a pizza with pennies and nickels. New York, though, is different than any other city. Living here forces you to figure out who you are and what you want, because you’re surrounded by millions of other people all chasing their own dreams.

Sydney’s Beauty and Climate
Sydney does beat New York with its natural beauty, and I’d argue that even Hong Kong’s harbor can’t beat Sydney’s. The city also boasts beautiful, pristine beaches and a pleasant climate that makes us New Yorkers a bit jealous. Sydneysiders enjoy mild summers nd hot summers with flowers in bloom all year. In New York, we have to sludge through snow with intense summers with no breeze.

It’s Easy to Get Around New York
In terms of getting around, New York wins hands down. New Yorkers can walk pretty much anywhere, and we also have a great public transit system. While it’s not necessarily clean, it gets the job done. Hardly any of us need to own a vehicle. Sydney residents, though, struggle with a disastrous public transportation system.

The Suburbs
Sydney and New York both have extensive suburbs given the high cost of living in both cities. Manhattan is surrounded by the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Union City and more with a clear ring of residential suburbs. Unlike New York, where residential areas are separated by race, religion, culture, migration date and wealth, there is a lesser amount of this in Sydney and they have a more homogeneous population.

How Are They Alike?
Sydney and New York are both known for their wonderful diversity of cuisine. In both cities, you can find absolutely anything, and it will be authentic and delicious. Both cities also have a vibrant spirit and culture, and there’s always something to do.

Both Sydney and New York City are also very expensive. Sydney is the 11th most expensive city in the world to live in, while New York takes 5th place.

Finally, both are also some of the most popular places in the world for cosmetic surgery. Sydnersiders and New Yorkers both like to look good, but New York does have a higher percentage of cosmetic surgeons. While it’s harder to find a rhinoplasty surgeon in Sydney, Australia, for example, Sydney facelift procedures are performed thousands of times every year, and Australians spend more than $850 million on plastic surgery, while Americans spend $11 billion. Spending in this area is both higher than average in New York and Sydney.