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Living in NYC

ny-300x244New York City has an amazingly large population, there is no doubt about it. With this many people from all over the world an endless amount of lifestyle variety is sure to follow. There are many things that people can enjoy and experience in this place that are all guaranteed to be one of a kind. From the unique neighborhoods, many of which feel like their own city within a city to the different cultures, sounds, smells, and sites- everyone can find some piece of NYC that feels like home. Continue reading

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Top Art Museums in NYC

Capture5-300x169Although there are so many large museums with prestigious collections of various artifacts located in almost every major city all throughout the globe, the best of the best of these museums are still undoubtedly found in New York City. Every art museum has become the sources of pride of the City and these museums have also created a great deal of significance to its residents. Continue reading

The Speed of Things to Come

The internet has to be one of the greatest inventions of all time. I think most of us would agree that we would be pretty darn lost without it now. I mean, I wouldn’t be able to bring you my blog now, would I?

The internet is our future and the faster it gets the better it is. And that’s what’s happening here in good old New York City.  We’re getting something called dark fibre. And, it isn’t just businesses that are going to benefit this time, not like when broadband was first introduced or fibre optic.

Into the Darkness

Oh no, this time, we all get to take advantage of the latest in internet speeds, security and privacy. I did a bit of digging about dark fibre and found a lot of useful information on the internet.

It’s now the fastest option known to man – or woman – and will speed up our internet beyond our wildest dreams.  For example

  • Each fibre is designed to carry personal traffic from point to point – i.e. your fibre, your data only.
  • One single fibre is capable of delivering an incredible 400 GB per second! This means, with your personal dark fibre network, you have access to more bandwidth that you could possibly know what to do with.
  • You get the highest level of security known to man on your private data network – no-one else has access so you get to control the management of it
  • You get to become your own network provider at a surprisingly good price.

Ok so maybe it is aimed at companies for now but eventually we’ll all get our hands on it. If you own your own business though, you should think seriously about investing in this dark fibre – it is the future of internet technology and anyone who hasn’t got it in a few years will be left completely in the dark.

In the meantime, I can only dream about how fast my internet speeds could be, how fast I could download files and upload these blogs and videos to the net.  One day, we’ll all be in the dark and we’ll all be happy to be there.

Longing For That Tropical Island Feel

I’m a true-blue New Yorker who was born and raised in the Big Apple. My parents settled down in New York and built a small bookstore and coffee shop where I spent most of my years after school. We live in the building above it and so this small community is my family and my home. Walking down the block where the newspaper stands are, I can say hi to a couple of old timers whom I have known all my life. Farther down are Italian restaurants where one can get the best pasta and pizza on this side of the planet – I will argue with anyone who challenges me on this.

During the summer, my family and I will stay with my aunt at the Hamptons. Everyone knows how posh and rich that place can be. I do it because I love the beach and the ocean and would do anything for a day out swimming and for clam bakes by the shore. When I finished high school and worked full time at the family business, I was able to save up enough money to start college and go on a small adventure.

I decided that New York and New Jersey was a little too much to take in now and wanted a fresh look at the world. I chanced upon an Asian cities cruise which includes Thailand tours. I’ve heard a lot about Thailand from friends who have visited the country years ago. They rave about the beaches, diving, snorkeling, shopping and eating really spicy food. The travel bug in me can’t wait for the adventure to begin.

While I counted off the days, I searched online for tourist spots I wanted to see. I was intrigued by the reclining buddha at the Wat Po temple. I also wanted to see the floating markets and the famous night markets. Going there with my best buddies, I know we will be in for a great time. I want to to try diving and snorkeling and eat lots of fresh seafood and spicy chilis. Let’s bring in some New York flavor to Thailand!

New York and Modern Women’s Lifestyle

A woman’s lifestyle depends on the place where she lives. In the United States, women who are liberated and independent are admired by a lot of people all over the world because they are considered as role models of the modern generation. Their competency in all aspects of life makes them stand out in any field that they choose.

When I moved from Florida to New York, I instantly made some friends from the company I work with and they taught me how to adjust to the lifestyle in the Big Apple. At first, I was a bit astonished at how things are different in New York from other U.S. cities, but later on I got used to it. The activities, the people’s attitude, and their survival needs are quite different from what I had experienced in Florida. I cannot deny that most New Yorkers are mean and rude at times, and dealing with this type of attitude is the most difficult part for me as a newcomer.

I also learned how to take care of myself better. That means cleaning the pad, preparing meals, defending myself from bad people, up to grooming myself. In the business industry, it is very important that you look presentable at all times because it determines your professionalism as well as your character. There are times when special occasions happen without notice and I am too busy to make an appointment with someone who can do a little makeover for me. Thus, I did a little research on effective ways of applying makeup and creating different hair styles. Some of my friends taught me the basics of grooming and makeup, but I soon find myself wanting to known more, and I started checking out articles about beauty, reading women’s magazine and such.

One of the best things I have learned from all the magazines I have read is buying the best tools and gadgets for enhancing your beauty. Even with minimal makeup, changing your hairstyle makes a big difference in how you look even if you are in a hurry. On this website, they feature the best curling iron, which has different styling functions. For the best curling wand, you can also check this page to learn more about its uses and other information. These are very handy grooming gadgets and does not take that much space in your handbag. With a curling wand or a curling iron you can instantly create a different hairstyle and be good to go.

Making yourself beautiful starts with the basics. Getting used to the city lifestyle may be a bit difficult for some, but anyone can surely adapt to it if they are willing to change themselves for the better.

New Yorkers Rush For The Brazilian Butt-Lift

Blame it on Kim Kardashian and “Jenny from the block”. Right now, women are rushing to have their posteriors enhanced so that they look like those of the classic Brazilian carnival belles that grace TV screens all over the US. Yes, every New Yorker with the means can now sport that Latino eye-catcher without having to gyrate their butts on the streets for days on end.

The uninitiated may be wondering what this Brazilian butt-lift really is and what it has got to do with Kim Kardashian and Jenifer Lopez. In case you heard that J-Lo insured her butt for a million bucks, look at it and you will see why. It turns heads, several times. And that is what New Yorkers want for themselves.

What Is This Procedure?

Buttocks augmentation (also known as the Brazilian butt-lift) entails using fat, silicone or other means to enhance the shape and appearance of the buttocks area. This procedure does not change the size of the buttocks area. Instead, it does away with sagging skin and filling them out. Liposuction will often be done to give the posterior a better contour.

If one wants to improve both the shape and the size of their butt, fat grafting is the method of choice. Here, liposuction is done on parts that have more than enough fat so that after that fat has been purified, then it is put in the area of the buttocks that needs reshaping. This is a more natural approach to changing the shape and size of the buttocks area but the problem with it is that its effects usually don’t last so long.

Silicone implants address the issue of longevity. Just as there are different sizes of implants for breasts, there are several too for the buttocks area. Much as they have a more permanent effect, they are also associated with a host of complications so one has to be sure the procedure is handled by the best surgeon possible.

How Easy Is It To Perform?

According to Dr. Philip Schoenfeld in Washington DC, who specializes in facelift surgery, he has also seen a huge increase in demand for this procedure. Between 2012 and 2013, the number of women seeking the Brazilian butt-lift increased by 58% and that is largely due to a change in the perception of a rounder posterior among women.

Most plastic surgeons can perform that procedure but one needs to seek out those that have lots of butt-lifts under their belt so that you are sure that the person working on you has sufficient hands-on experience to deliver the best results.

Putting it together…

The Brazilian butt-lift has taken New York by storm. Do not be surprised when all the women that walk past you have very, what it is it called, “bootylicious” butts. It will not be because the genes causing those kinds of posteriors have suddenly become riotous, it will be because of very happy plastic surgeons being kept busy (and rich) by the women lining up at their clinics to have this procedure done. When in New York, do as the New Yorkers!

Anti-Aging Secrets of New Yorkers

New Yorkers are known for many things, among them, looking young and fit. So what’s the secret to the youthful skin many New Yorkers boast, despite living a high-stress life? Here are some.

Lots of Walking

When you live in New York, you find yourself walking. A lot. Most New Yorkers don’t drive anywhere, so we usually walk to work, walk to the gym, walk to the club, etc. The average person in the United States walks about 2.2 miles per day, but it’s believed that the average New Yorker walks up to 6.5 miles every day! This helps keep the weight off for a more youthful look while also building muscle tone.


Yoga is a $27 billion industry in the United States, and many yoga trends that have swept the United States started right here in the Big Apple. Last year, the latest craze to hit New York was Modo, a new version of Bikram Hot Yoga, where 90-minute classes are taught in 105-degree studios in Manhattan. One of the strangest things you’ll notice if you attend a yoga class in New York is the almost cult-like atmosphere where everyone seems to be punishing themselves to look good.

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery and cosmetic procedures are big business in New York City, but we do it a bit differently here than in most parts of the country. Most New Yorkers want to look younger to stay competitive in a city of millions, but they also don’t want to take time off work. This has given rise to many procedures that can be done over a lunch break. One of the most popular procedures in NYC is the vampire facelift, which is done with dermal fillers instead of incisions. According to Dr. Masri of Masri Clinic for Laser and Cosmetic Surgery, traditional facelift recovery can stretch for eight weeks, which is something most busy New Yorkers are unwilling to accept. Hence, the vampire facelift is born to allow professionals to get some work done on their lunch hour.

Sperm Facials

I have to admit, this one is pretty gross, but apparently many New York City women are willing to do anything for youthful skin. A sperm facial is exactly like it sounds; you go to a spa and have semen applied to your face. Semen contains enzymes that break down proteins, so in theory, these enzymes can break down uneven and thick layers of dead, old, or sun-damaged skin on your face.

Staying Out of the Sun

Unlike people in Southern California, us New Yorkers don’t get quite as much sun. Yuma, Arizona, the sunniest place on earth, gets 313 days of sun a year, compared to 234 in New York. Staying out of the sun is one of the best things you can to do keep wrinkles and age spots at bay, and it’s yet another reason New Yorkers tend to look younger than their counterparts in other parts of the country.

Nose Jobs Decline in Popularity Among New York’s Jewish Population

Recently, I read what I see as great news: more Jewish girls are happy with their nose and ditching rhinoplasty. While once the traditional Jewish nose was viewed as a barrier to beauty and the mark of an outsider, more people are now embracing their natural beauty and rejecting cosmetic surgery.

Since 2000, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons has found that the number of nose jobs has fallen 37%, with the procedure becoming a lot less popular among Jewish people. This hits home for me, as I’m part Jewish and New York City has the largest Jewish population in the United States at 9.6%, or 1 out of every 6 Jewish people in the country.

While more Jewish people are happy to embrace their ethnic heritage and are feeling less pressured today to conform to a specific idea of beauty, the same can’t be said of others, as rhinoplasty is now on the rise among Hispanics, African Americans and Asians. These groups are now taking the place of where Jewish people were two generations ago.

I find it very troubling that millions of people feel pressured to change their appearance and try to hide their ethnicity, when really all ethnicities and races are beautiful. The good news is more people who seek rhinoplasty surgery today are doing so not to hide their ethnicity but rather retain it.

I asked a surgeon about this trend last week. Dr. Frankel specializes in nose jobs, and he explained that more people are now requesting something referred to as an “ethnic rhinoplasty.” The procedure is virtually the same as a regular nose job, with the same rhinoplasty recovery and swelling time, but it is performed on African American, Asian, Hispanic and Middle Eastern people who want to improve the shape and function of their nose while still retaining their sense of ethnicity.

Plastic surgeons who provide ethnic nose jobs have to know the anatomical and shape differences between ethnicities, and there are some ways in which the procedure differs, as some ethnicities have physical differences in the nose that require a different technique.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, most Asian patients of plastic surgeons today want the wide, full eyes and almond shape that is characteristic of an Asian face when they get eyelid surgery, while African Americans often want to reduce the size of their nose to achieve balance with their face without trying to get a nose that looks more European.

A lot of actors and actresses over the years have been pressured to get nose jobs so they could “pass” as non-Jewish and play non-ethnic roles in movies. A good example of this is the change Jewish actress Sarah Jessica Parker underwent to play the non-ethnic role of New Yorker Carrie in “Sex and the City.”

There was a time, not too far in the past, when rhinoplasty was almost a given for any Jewish girl with enough money. I think it’s wonderful that ethnic pride is improving and fewer Jews are trying to look “less Jewish” to blend in. While it’s a shame that so many people still feel pressured to look different, we are all unique and our ethnicity and ancestry is something we should take pride in, particularly here in New York City, one of the most diverse cities on earth.

Fact Or Fiction? Why New Yorkers Can Drink All Night And Never Get Drunk

Interesting things are always happening in New York, and many of them are never heard of in other places. Take this “secret” that was intimated to me recently; a seasoned night owl revealed to me that it was possible to drink beer all night and remain as sober as a judge.

The reason isn’t in your genes nor was it due to a lack of sensitivity to alcohol. The secret lay in dry yeast. Yes, there is such a thing as dry yeast so look it up then read this explanation of its link to keeping clear-headed on a wild night out.

My friend claims that he was told that when you take a teaspoon of dry yeast before each bottle of beer, you can drink all night and never be the worse for it. This works better if it is mixed with yogurt before you eat the yeast, he added.

The Explanation.

He said, as I listened wide-eyed, that yeast has an enzyme in it called alcohol dehydrogenases, or ADH. That enzyme has the ability to break down any alcohol it comes in contact with into the elements that make it up, that is, oxygen, hydrogen and carbon.

That, according to the “dry yeast theorists,” is exactly what the liver does when you ingest alcohol. By eating the yeast in advance of drinking your beer, you make the yeast break down the alcohol long before it gets into the bloodstream and that means that you will have reduced the likelihood of getting drunk since little of that alcohol will reach your brain.

He went on to emphasize that taking the yeast is no guarantee that you will not get drunk but it reduces the magnitude of that eventuality.

A Word Of Caution.

When I went to Doctor Jamali to follow up about an oral surgery experience recently, an idea struck me to ask him about the dry yeast theory, since he is a doctor. He was of the view that there are many myths and popular home remedies for different things but it has never been tested and there’s no evidence it would work or even be safe.

He therefore was of the view that unless something had been tested for its full spectrum of effects on the human body, it was unwise to put such theories to the test since there is no way to know about any potential risks or side effects.

The stark example he gave was that I should imagine someone that has taken ten beers in one night. That meant that the same person had to take ten teaspoons of dry yeast as well and that was a very significant quantity of yeast getting into the body. The effects of that can be very severe indeed.

Bringing it together…

I was awed by the extent to which people can go to down pints and pints of beer on their nights out. Dr. Jamali’s words of caution need to be taken seriously as it is possible for one to do serious damage to their own bodies by trying out such approaches to keeping “sober.” If you want to enjoy the NYC nightlife, I recommend just taking it easy on the alcohol without trying untested remedies.

How Do Plastic Surgery Costs In Virginia Beach Compare With Those In New York?

As people age, so do their faces and as a way of delaying the effects or even hiding these effects of aging, many opt for facelifts. Many patients go to their doctors with complaints such as wrinkles, bags around their eyes, lines at the corners of their eyes which may also be called the crow’s feet, double chins due to excess skin around the chin, lines running down their noses which pool around their lips and loose skin around their necks. This is corrected in surgery by removing the sagging skin and making the loose muscles taut hence restoring the original texture of the skin. By the end of all this, one’s youthful face is once again visible.

A well known doctor in this field is Dr. Choe (of this Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ChoeCenter), who works in a number of Virginia Beach medical centers. Given that Virginia Beach is a major city like New York, I decided to compare the cost of a facelift in NYC and Virginia Beach, and I asked Dr. Choe for information to help me.

Types Of Facelifts

The face constitutes the neck, nose, eyes, forehead, chin, cheeks and these can all be lifted surgically. A procedure entailing all parts is known as the full face lift while one concerned with a chosen part or parts is called a mini facelift or a more chic term, weekend lift.

The type of face lift someone gets is determined by their age and the nature of their skin as well as their bone structure. Younger patients are often given a mini facelift which, in most cases, is to keep their youthfulness for quite a while, whereas older patients are treated to a full facelift to mainly rejuvenate their appearance. However, different prices are charged for each type of facelift given the city or country.

Virginia Beach Prices Vs New York Prices

The average cost of a facelift in Virginia Beach ranges between $3200 and $6000 while in New York it goes for between $6000 and $15000. It should be noted that these charges are inclusive of hospital fees, anesthesia and the doctor’s fee as well.

A mini facial lift in Virginia Beach goes for $3200 on average, while in New York, the procedure costs over $5000.

However, hospitals and surgeons usually offer credit services, accept credit cards and some expenses may be covered by your insurance in rare cases. In some hospitals, patients with Care credit are also accepted. This card is one that caters specifically to cosmetic needs, and it’s available in New York and Virginia Beach. Nonetheless, you need to be ready financially to pay for your facial surgery and this is all discussed with the doctor prior to the surgery.

Your pocket determines the hospital to which they will go and which type of facial lift you can afford to have.

Final Comments

Well, one may say that a higher price means better results and a lower price portrays mediocre results, this may not really be the case. The difference may lie in where you go. Virtually everything is more expensive in New York City, but this also goes with higher wages. Given the stressful, fast-paced lives many New Yorkers (and residents of Virginia Beach!), it’s no surprise many are willing to pay the price.

Great Weekend Trips from New York City

As great as New York can be, sometimes you just need a break from the crowds and hot subway platforms. When friends visit for an extended stay — or are on their way through on a road trip — here are some of my favorite weekend trips to get away from the city for awhile.

Freeport, Long Island

Freeport is on the south shore of Long Island and it’s about a two hour drive from NYC. The Nautical Island here is one of the best places to spend a weekend on the water with a combination of open-air bars, fish markets, live music and restaurants. I remember going here with my parents as a kid, and I still like to come back every year to see how much it’s changed, and what stays the same.

If you make the trip, stop in at Bracco’s Clam and Oyster Bar for casual outdoor dining, head to Crow’s Nest Miniature Golf and charter a fishing boat, if you’re so inclined.

Cold Spring On Hudson

About an hour and a half north of NYC you’ll find the small town of Cold Spring On Hudson, which was a thriving foundry in the 1800s and is still well preserved. The town isn’t familiar to many New Yorkers, but it’s got great old-world charm just 50 miles away. If you love the outdoors, this is the best daytrip from New York to enjoy kayaking, hiking, and beautiful scenery. The best time to drive up is late fall, when Storm King Mountain is ablaze in red, orange and yellow. Be sure to stay at the Hudson House River Inn on Main Street for banana walnut pancakes in the morning in a dining room that overlooks the Hudson.

Bear Mountain State Park

When friends with kids come to visit, I take them to Bear Lake, 45 miles out of New York City in the Hudson Highlands. The park has something for everyone, with a zoo, play field, shaded picnic area, lake and river fishing, a swimming pool, museums, and hiking. It also has a great outdoor skate rink and some of the best views in the state from the top of Bear Mountain.

Boston, Massachusetts

While not as close as the other trips, Boston is worth the drive every now and then. The last time I made the drive with a friend, he convinced me to take the road trip after he found plastic surgery reviews in Boston and decided it would be a great excuse for a trip we haven’t made in years. It’s actually cheaper to fly than take a bus to Boston, but we decided to drive ourselves and enjoy some countryside, driving 220 miles through New Haven.

My friend John got a facelift while we were in Boston. Because face lift recovery time can take a few weeks, we ended up staying in Boston for just over a week. We explored some new restaurants like Teranga, a Senegalese restaurant, and Neptune Oyster. We also went to the Bull and Fince Pub on Beacon Street, which is where the exterior shots for the Cheers TV show were filmed. If you’re making the same trip, I definitely recommend the Newbury Guest House, which isn’t too expensive with brick fireplaces.

How Did The New York Fashion Week Come To Be?

Anyone remotely interested in fashion will have heard of the New York Fashion Week held twice each year. Those who are in the industry and have ever participated in this premier event will recall with pride what a great event it was for their fashion house. But how many know about the origin of this event? Below is a summary of the history of this coveted event.

Press Week Is Born.

Prior to 1943, the world of fashion had its headquarters in Paris, France and the world assembled there to showcase what was on offer. In 1943, Eleanor Lambert founded Press Week so that America could show fashion editors what was available on home soil. The dependence on France could also be broken by having a fashion platform in the US.

This event took place twice a year and was held in different locations each year, and for each event. Hotels and lofts were the preferred venues used and that was the case until an accident at one of the shows led the Council of Fashion Designers of America to decide that all future events will be held at one location.

The New York Fashion Week Is Born.

Five decades after the inception of Press Week, 1994 saw the birth of The New York Fashion Week as we know it today. From that time, all shows were hosted at Bryant Park just behind the NY Public Library.

The New York Fashion Week is by invitation only so it is an honor for a fashion house or designer to be given a chance to showcase his or her creations.

Holding this event twice a year gives designers an opportunity to display their summer as well as winter collections at the right time when that season is just setting in.

During those fashion weeks, the media, enthusiasts and fashion professionals from around the globe descend on New York to see the latest that America has come up with for the coming season.
Many careers have been made just by taking part in this semi-annual event so the importance of these weeks is not lost on models and designers.

Final Comments.

There is a lot more to the history of this event and what has been discussed above is just a little scratch of the surface just to give a broad overview of how the New York Fashion Week came to exist. If you’re interested, you can dig into the venues that have hosted this event since it started, which prominent designers have dominated this event over the years, and so on.

New York Fashion Week has undergone many changes, and it’s fun to see how fashion has changed over the last few years. One of the most interesting recent developments? Last year was the first plastic surgery show during Fashion Week called “Faces of Beauty.” According to one Newport Beach plastic surgeon I spoke with, who was counseling me on facelift plastic surgery recovery at the time, the show was put on by a celebrity plastic surgeon with before and after photos of patients walking down the catwalk.

If you’re interested in fashion, I definitely recommend being in New York for Fashion Week, and following the news coverage.